Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How to Wear a Double Breasted Blazer

 izandrew double brested blazer men how to wear

1. A Bolder Peak
Every suit featured here has a peak lapel (rather than a notch). It's a crucial part of the bigger personality of the DB.

2. A Wider Lapel
The rules of double-breasted are different. Get used to a wider lapel than on your single-breasteds. That's part of what gives you that updated 1970s vibe you're after.

3. Six Buttons, of Course
We're classicists on this front: In almost every case, we like a six-button jacket. To see the one exception, check page 175.

4. That Tweaked Shape
The key to the DB's macho look is strong shoulders that taper to a narrow waist. If your jacket looks too boxy, have a tailor take in the sides.

5. A New, Shorter Length
The DB looks fresh once again because designers have modernized the cut, truncating the length of the jacket for this 2011 take on the look.

Suit, $1,820,and shirt, $395, bySimon Spurr.Tie, $68by Tommy Hilfiger.Shoes, $1,250by John Lobb.Pocket squareby Seize sur Vingt.Watchby Jaeger-LeCoultre.
 source: GQ.com

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