Friday, January 6, 2012

Fashionista ♥

Love this Inspiring article hope you guys enjoy! My grandma passed away from cancer last year so this article means a lot to me especially since my grandma was a fashionista herself.


By: Jackie Clark

Clothing may not make the woman, but looking fashionable can certainly boost one's self-esteem. Confidence and fashion go hand-in-hand; the right outfit can make you feel great but certain ensembles require confidence to pull them off. Diseases like breast cancer or mesotheliomamay damage your self-esteem, but fashion can help you regain what you have lost.

No matter what your style, dressing with confidence will make you look and feel better. You can test this theory by taking inventory of your feelings while wearing tattered old sweats versus a new sweater. Most women instantly feel better about themselves once they start investing in their appearance.

The most important part of dressing confidently is wearing what makes you feel comfortable. There is no need to stumble along in stilettos or don stiff shape-ware. You simply cannot be confident if you are uncomfortable. Don't try to mimic anyone else's style and just concentrate on developing your own unique sense of
fashion. Remember you are still you even though you have cancer. Cancer should not define you, but your style should enhance who you are.

A good fit is the second key to confident dressing. Clothes that are too big will only make you look larger and those that are too small will have you pulling at hems and sucking in your stomach all day, even if you don't need to. Many women walk around wearing clothes in the wrong sizes. If you are unsure, have a sales associate measure you. Sizes also differ between stores and designers.

Shop for your shape and play up your best attributes. Cancer may be your diagnosis, but it can’t take away your best asset unless you let it—so don’t! A nice pair of legs will look great in skinny jeans and fit arms can be shown off in a strapless or sleeveless top. Make you legs look longer by pairing a knee-length skirt with a pair of comfy heels or make your waist appear smaller by donning a wide belt. These tricks can make you feel more confident about your body.

Cancer treatment, like
mesotheliomatreatment, can make you feel exhausted physically and mentally. There is no better way to boost your confidence by choosing clothes that simply make you feel good. All women are beautiful and need to let their beauty shine confidently. The right clothes can do the trick and work wonders.

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