Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fashion Look & shopping haul

 Sunglasses: Forever 21
Necklace(old): Forever 21
It was a nice sunny day for some shopping :) I got some really great deals.
Orange Blazer & Black Romper & Cheetah Purse: Forever 21
Black Pumps (old)
 Green Romper $13.50: Forever 21
 Lace Blazer $24.80: Forever 21
 Sea Foam Sheer Blouse $17.80: Forever 21
 Orange Skirt $7.80: Forever 21
 Forever 21 online Gold Cleopatra Necklace Gold: $5.80 Silver: $4.80 I thought they were such great deals I couldn't pass!

 What do you guys think about flee markets? I got some great purchases
there and I will be going again very soon :)
the white and peach purse I got a great deal 2 for $10
 White Purse $5
 Peach Purse $5
 Blue Purse $10
I have to say that these bags are alot better than some of my brand name bags the
 material is not cheap and there very sturdy I'm amazed! :)

Yellow Pumps $23.50 & Royal Blue Pumps $26.40: both at www.gojane.com

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