Tuesday, May 29, 2012

3 IN 1

Hello everyone!!!!Today i'm gonna show you one look paired with 3 different shoes!
This ultimately gives the outfit a different style.You don't have to own a lot of money to be stylish.
I believe that a good and unique pair of shoes can really make a difference.

1st Look

                          On the first look i have used my favourite T.U.K.s. I love creepers they are very    
                   comfortable and different(they also make you taller) and they can really change your whole
                           outfit.It gives it that rocky,edgy style that you don't see everyday.I love it.

2nd Look

The second look is kinda softer and cuter.I also call it the schoolgirl look haha!
If you can't really relate to the previous style this is a very nice one.It's for more realxing days
when you don't really want to wear heels but still want to complete your look 
and give it anothr feel.

3rd Look

                  So this is the feminine look.Add a pair of heels or wedges to your outfit and here you are!
                        It makes your legs look longer and the whole outfit gets more preppy and more
                                                                     woman like(lol).
                                   I usually go for wedges because i'm not a pro at wearing heels yet ^_^

Which one of the three looks represents you more?
Would you try a different style?
Tell me about it!!!

Lots of kisses,

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