Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cinderella Shoes

 Hello everyone!!!
I have some very exciting news to share with you!!!
I had talked about a japanese fashion contest i took part in at my Spring Affair contest.
I got 3rd place!!!Funny thing is that i actually wanted the 3rd place because of the prizes(happy face)
The contest was broadcasted at the japanese television.I'm so happy i got chosen by my favourite japanese model as well!
Enough for that though.
I have another outfit today.I love this dress.
I guess it's really obvious that i can't get my hands off of it!
It has a special meaning for me because my best friend had bought it for me!
The basic element of today's outift,however, are the shoes.I have made them myself.
They are actually a white pair of Converse which i took and remade with stencils and spray.
I was isnpired by one of my favourite tv series. 

              I've made them a couple of years ago so that's why the spray has left from some parts.

                                                                   I love my babies!!!


That was all for today!!
Thank you for stopping by!!!


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