Friday, June 1, 2012

Tattoo Tights

Hello everyone!!!
So today i want to introduce you the new craze that is taking over the fashion world.(at least mine ^__^)
It is tattoo tights.By no means do they look like any normal tattoo anyone would think off like big patterns but they are more like an extra accessory that give a new and fresh vibe to the outfit and they look very natural.
This fashion is established mainly in Japan and especially in the Japanese streetstyle.
Japanese fashion never fails to amaze me.

This girl is wearing Minnie Mouse tattooed tights.How cool is that?
       There are also other characters too like Mickey Mouse,Donald Duck,Bambi The Little Deer.

These tattooed tights have a retro and pin up look on them.
Kinda resemble the ones sailors used to have in the old times.

                                                             I really like how these ones look.
                                         They feature a Tiara,a Cross,a Unicorn,a Mirror and much more.
                                        Remind me of pictures from some of the Disney Princesses movies.

Ok i love those ones too.
Very simple yet at a point where they are visible and i think they are the most 
      wearable even for not very daring people.

This girl's tights have a pattern only at the bottom.
      They also look so real you can't really tell if it is her own legs or not.

Can you see the tattoo pattern in the first photo(left girl)?
 These actually look extremely realistic even from close up.

Very cute ones featuring hearts.She could have made these tights herself too.
I love the socks she wears as well.

                          Last look with this amazing pink haired chick sporting some futuristic tights.
                                                              Love the OMG part!

Japanese fashion has many different sub categories and sometimes it is not easily understood by most of us. People in most countries would find it hard to go out wearing something like those shown in the above photos.
But i believe that we can incorporate elements of each fashion into our own style and make it look good.
Tattooed tights like the ones with the two hearts can easily be worn with a nice skirt by everyone.
And more daring people can even find a way to wear tights like the last ones too.
It's all about creativity.
So how do you feel about them?
Love them,hate them?
Would you ever give them a shot?

(I do not own any of the photos.All full credits go to the awesome site should check it out it is very unique.)

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